Useful links: Teach Naked, eBook format, Trust Agents, Retweet

Teach Naked. What do you think about this idea as a way to teach web design or web development classes? You definitely need a computer lab, but how about the idea for lecture delivery and class discussion?

Sony Plans to Adopt a Common Format for eBooks. This may finally bring the lower priced competition to the Kindle into common use on more campuses where the current standard is the Kindle. Do you see this making a difference?

5 Questions with Chris Brogan. Trust Agents looks like a valuable book for students and users of social media. I probably will never have a chance to actually review it here, so am referring you to this interview.

The Power of the Retweet on Twitter at Webgrrls has a good graphic showing the mathematical effect of a retweet. Appropriate today since Twitter announced revamping the retweet API.