What kind of online learning does your kid have?

A call for education: How do we educate the web standards kids? is a most excellent, must read post by Chris Mills at the Opera Developer Network ODIN blog. I thought a poll might be a good adjunct bit of information to add to the issues Chris raised.

Do you have K-12 students in your house? What are they learning on their own as digital natives? What have they taught themselves, what have you taught them, what can they do?

If they were to sign up for some sort of technology class in high school or college, what would they already know?

Who is coming into the classrooms of educators from the generation of digital natives? Are we teaching them the right things at the right times or are they way ahead of what education is offering?

Take the poll. Choose every answer that applies. And please leave a brief comment telling me the age (or ages) of the children you are talking about.

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