Useful links: Interactions, Mary Sue, Steampunk, Biz Stone

Visualizing First-Time Interactions at SXSW from Pleasure and Pain is another of those charts of hubs, connections, and connectors that is so fascinating. This time it uses contacts made via Hashable.

The Mary Sue is a new blog devoted to female geek culture. I’ve been watching them a couple of weeks and have seen several very worthy posts there, such as this one: The Unseen Effects of Affirmative Action at MIT.

Does the word steampunk make you happy? Well, GeekMom is celebrating a whole week of Steampunk posts, beginning with this one.

Twitter just turned 5. (See my post about Twitter turning 5 on BlogHer.) The NPR program Fresh Air interviewed Biz Stone about Twitter in preparation for the anniversary. It’s a great interview and must listening. Twitter’s Biz Stone on Starting a Revolution.