Useful Links: CSS3, Silver Surfer Humbug

Cleaner Code with CSS3 Selectors at 24 Ways gives 10 examples, with code, of some of the new techniques you will be able to use with CSS3 selectors. Now is your chance to learn all about n-th child with plentiful examples.

“Where’s my Googlebox!”–Adventures in Search for Silver Surfers is a report on some findings from tests with  “8 silver surfers aged 60 to 80 testing  Opera desktop and observing, amongst other things, how they went about carrying out searches.” While I agree emphatically with what they found about beginners to the web, I disagree with the application of these traits only to “silver” surfers. I think these characteristics are found in any beginner to the web. It’s ageist to assume that only elders experience these problems.