The Testosterone Experience

Wow, those guys over at The Ajax Experience just don’t get it. They think Ajax is a men’s club.

Compare the speakers list at SXSW Interactive or the speakers list at Webstock. If any women are thinking of investing in The Ajax Experience, I hope they will contact me for a consciousness-raising session before they send any money to this hormonally-handicapped outfit.

Where are the women of Web Design

Dori Smith, author of numerous programming books and Mac books, commented on her blog, “I was reading Eric Meyer’s Blog today, because he’s a smart guy and has forgotten more about Web dev than most people will ever know. And he said, among some other things, that he’s speaking at SXSW Interactive. Dandy, wish I was there to hear it? until I noticed one of the topics he’s speaking on:

“Where Are the Women of Web Design?, an exploration of why there are so few female “leaders” in the Web design space, and how we might encourage more.
Think about that one for a moment. And then another moment.”

Dori rightly feels that there are some women out there who are qualified to talk on this topic. Eric Meyer is a CSS god, in my opinion, but that is not the same as a goddess, now is it?

Miraz Jordan chimed in on her blog with some suggested women in Web Design. I would offer up Dori and Miraz as women in this field who are influential myself, and could add quite a few more. How about:

  • Molly Holzschlag
  • Elizabeth Castro
  • Sharron Rush
  • Robin Williams
  • J. Tarin Towers
  • Shirley Kaiser
  • Lynda Weinman
  • Linda Rathgerber
  • Zoe Gillenwater
  • Stephanie Sullivan

And I’m just getting warmed up here! How about some more names, folks?

MIT Program for HS girls

MIT Women’s Technology Program “The WTP is a residential summer program in the MIT Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to introduce high school girls to EECS in the summer after 11th grade.

Their goal: increasing high school girls interest and confidence in pursuing electrical engineering and computer science.

The four-week program includes classes in computer science, electrical engineering, and mathematics taught by women PhD candidates in the MIT EECS Department, and allows girls to explore through hands-on experiments and team-based projects.”