Where are all the men of web design?

I been hearing from a few of the folks who are getting their entry in the Style Me Challenge ready to submit. And you’ll never believe this, but they are all women. Where are all the men of web design? Why don’t we ever hear from the men? Are the women running an exclusive all-girls club? Nope, we’re not. Hey, fellas, we accept entries from men. All ya gotta do is send one in.

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Women Blogging through Ronni’s eyes

The perennial question, Why Aren’t There More A-List Women Bloggers, came up again at Time Goes By – What it’s really like to get older. Ronni, who is known as the premier elderblogger in the country in spite of her lack of interest in being on the A-List, has some very interesting comments about how blogs get ranked, particularly by Technorati.

I hold out hope for microformats as a way to address the problem of identifying women bloggers, or elder bloggers, or whatever type of relationship you want to identify. I’m talking about something like XFN, a microformat that lets you identify a link as belonging to a friend and even getting into details about whether the friend is personal, professional or whatever. Learn more about microformats at microformats.org.

Web Design World 2006 in Seattle

Here’s an event in the US: Web Design World Seattle 2006. Topics include design projects of all sizes, maximizing available tools to master CSS, Dreamweaver, graphics, Ajax, Photoshop and more.

Of the six keynoters, two are women (Molly Holzschlag and Kelly Goto), but who’s counting?

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Webvisions 2006 Event

Webvisions 2006 will be in July in Portland, OR. “Exploring the Future of the Web: Join the giants of design, user experience and business strategy at the Oregon Convention Center from July 20 to 21, 2006 to uncover the trends and agents of change that will shatter your assumptions about the Web.”

The speaker list includes two women (Kelly Goto, Kit Seeborg) and 33 men, but who’s counting.

Media Report to Women Home page

Media Report to Women Home page Media Report to Women stands alone in providing information on all types of media — television, cable, film, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the Internet and other emerging media — and the way in which they depict women and issues of interest to women.

The story is still a sad one in terms of women in the media, news coverage of women in congress or in business, women on talk shows, women’s portrayal on TV, women in media careers.

The one spot where I see a possible tipping point is women’s use of the internet. Men and women have identical rates of internet use. That’s right: women have an equal voice on the internet. This fact can make a big difference if women take advantage of it.

Get out there an publish, women! Make that blog, talk, tell it, be opinionated, be informative, be part of the female voice.

Linguistics and Gender

Thanks to Liz Henry, one of my co-panelists at the upcoming SXSW Interactive Conference for telling me about ozarque’s Journal. a linguistics blog by former San Diego State linguistics professor Suzette Haden Elgin. Liz brought ozarque’s Journal to my attention when I mentioned that I wanted to talk about Deborah Tannen’s ideas on framing as part of our panel discussion Increasing Women’s Visibility on the Web: Whose Butt Should We Be Kicking? It looks like ozarque’s Journal is set to become one of my favorite reads!