Useful Links: Books, WCAG 2

I Hate Books at KnowIT. Miraz explains why books are obsolete and should be replaced with something better.

I provided several links in my post yesterday about WCAG 2. However, the information on this topic is vast. Here are two more.

WCAG 2 and mobileOK Basic Tests specs are proposed recommendations report at WaSP.

It’s possible that WCAG 2 could be the new accessibility standard by Christmas. What does that mean for you? The answer: it depends. If your approach to accessibility has been one of guidelines and ticking against checkpoints, you’ll need some reworking your test plans as the priorities, checkpoints and surrounding structures have changed from WCAG 1. But if your site was developed with an eye to real accessibility for real people rather than as a compliance issue, you should find that there is little difference.

Migrating from WCAG 1 to WCAG 2 at WIPA.

A Senior PC?

Who is a senior? Someone over 65? Boomers are between 44 and 62. Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By defines elders as anyone over age 50. Does being of a certain age mean that you require special accomodations in the form of a “Senior PC” or an extra simple cell phone or an adapted elderbrowser?

Microsoft Corporation just announced a project in the UK that will start development of what they are called a Senior PC.

Read the full post at BlogHer.

Research report on best practices

User Interface Engineering — UIE Reports: Getting Them to What They Want. “In its report, “Getting Them to What They Want,” UIE says it drew on six years of research and hundreds of hours of user observations to discern the eight best practices for getting users to the content they seek,” according to PCWorld’s article on the report.