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Opera’s Web Standards Curriculum added 18 new articles.

Only a couple of weeks remain before Blog Action Day. I’m planning a post. I hope a whole lot of other bloggers are, too.

Upgrade WordPress Using cPanel and Fantastico won’t help me upgrade, but maybe some of the rest of you can use this great tutorial to make keeping up with WordPress updates a little easier.

1996 McDonald’s Hamburger Okay. So this has nothing to do with the web. But how many of these things have you eaten since 1996? That’s just scary. I feel like apologizing to my stomach.

Summary of eHow articles for September

Kid and jumper slide

There a business in Albuquerque called ABQ Jump that is a big building (air conditioned!) full of those huge air-filled toys kids can jump on. It’s crammed with them and the noisy fans that keep them inflated. Here’s one of the little people in my family sliding down a jumper slide.

And here’s what I did on eHow this month.

Be who you are. Be identifiable. Be somebody.

Look at these results from a Google blog search for Foxit Reader.


no reply

Who the hell are all these people named admin or with email addresses like Everytime I do a blog search (which I do about twice a week) I find these unidentifiable bylines on blogs. Why can’t you just set up an account name on your blog so people can tell who you are? Are you trying to keep it a secret? Don’t you want anyone to know who writes your blog? Sheesh, people.

I think maybe all these admin and noreply people are women. Because you sure can find a lot of blogs in a blog search that are written by Matt or by Bob or by Jay or by Gavin. Yet, you hardly ever see a woman’s name in a byline. Is Google biased against women bloggers? Are women bloggers hoping to be anonymous? I happen to know that millions of women are writing blogs. Surely some of them are writing about the things I’m searching out.

So, if it’s women who are posting as admin or noreply, cut it out. Just stop it. Go into your blog control panels and give yourself a name that identifies who you are!

It matters a lot to me if all these unidentifiable bloggers turn out to be actual women. That’s because I spend a lot of time, energy and caffeine writing for a website which has the expressed commitment and purpose of helping people find women bloggers. We want to find you and promote you. If I were to base my thinking on the results of a Google blog search, I would think there were only 3 women bloggers in the entire world.

Get over it. Be who you are. Be identifiable. Be somebody.

Summary of eHow articles for August

San Francisco Fountain

Have you seen this fascinating fountain in San Francisco? It’s in the park across the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building. I stopped for a look after BlogHer08 in July. Then I came home and got to work writing for eHow.

Useful Links: Blog Discoveries

CSS, JavaScript and XHTML Explained is an informative blog I just discovered. It’s from one of the writers at Community MX who works for and is full of helpful articles for web developers.

Wired Pen is another new blog discovery that is full of interesting posts related to web design and topics like media, technology, journalism and more.

BlogHer 08 Unconference Techie Space

Not many people stayed for Sunday’s Open Space part of BlogHer08, compared with the total number in attendance on Friday and Saturday. Those who stayed, got a lot out of it.

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