4 Little Known Google Search Tips

Search Technology Redux

No more leafing through a card catalog card by card. Search travels at the speed of electrons now. There are some characters and tricks that you can use to refine a search on Google that will get you the information you want more efficiently. Here are a four.

Exclude with a Dash

Putting a dash in front of a word excludes it from your search. A Star is Born -Striesand.

Include Synonyms with a Tilde

Putting a tilde before a word means that synonyms will be included for the word. Halloween ~masks.

Use Two Periods to Search a Range

Putting two periods between terms will give you a range of things like dates, measurements or prices. Gas prices 2001 .. 2005.

Use Related to find Related Items

Use related: to search for things that are related to a specific site. related: oldaintdead.com.

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