Congratulations to Happy Cog

With It’s About Damn Time, the design firm Happy Cog posted this announcement by company President Greg Storey.

In a few days, our newest designer will begin her first day. When Dana crosses the threshold, the Happy Cog payroll will be 50% female. Roughly four years ago, that percentage was at a measly 2%. By next Monday, we will have women well-represented within our design, development, project management, and marketing groups—two of them dominantly female: project management with a whopping 80% and design with a stellar 63%.

Happy Cog, founder Jeffrey Zeldman, and everyone involved in making this a reality deserve recognition and congratulations for not just talking the talk, but for walking the walk. They are a premier firm in the web design industry and their leadership means something.

We’ve seen Zeldman put belief into practice at An Event Apart conferences where there are frequent female speakers. Now we’re seeing it in his design business as well.

It’s good for business. It’s good for everyone. I’m really happy about Happy Cog.

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