Is Adobe Creative Cloud a Recipe for Failure?

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There’s quite a discussion on a mailing list I belong to about whether or not Adobe is shooting itself in the foot with its new Adobe Creative Cloud subscription-based business model. The folks who argue that Adobe has doomed itself to failure cite several other companies that have tried a similar business model and it proved to be their undoing.

Do you have an opinion about the decision Adobe made? Have you subscribed, or have you decided you will not ever subscribe? Are there stories about other companies that have tried this and failed – or succeeded – that you can share as examples?

6 thoughts on “Is Adobe Creative Cloud a Recipe for Failure?”

  1. I’ve subscribed. Have to say I’m happy so far. Two reasons: One: I like knowing I’ll get the most current version of the products. Two: I’m an Adobe Acrobat user. Since it wasn’t offered in Adobe CS versions meant purchasing it individually. Which over time, added more cost.

    What are your thoughts, Virginia? And if I might ask, which mailing list has all the discussion?

  2. Been an Adobe customer for 12 years now and I never thought I’d say this but I will not continue to use Adobe into the cloud. There’s no way I’m changing the way I do business to suite Adobe’s greedy pockets. There’s other software out there to do what I need and yes, I do believe Adobe is shooting themselves in the foot. It might be a matter of time before the effects start to show, but this I believe is the undoing of Adobe.

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