Millennial Quiz gives you a score based on how open you are to change

The Pew Research Center has done a study on millennials and the millennial generation. As they put it, this generation is “confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat and receptive to new ideas and ways of living.”

Pew developed a millennial quiz, using the results of their study called How Millennial Are You? By birth, I am as far from a millennial as I can get, but on the quiz I come out somewhere between a Gen Xer and a millennial.

My results:

millinneal quiz results

The study breaks the data down into all sorts of categories and looks at the information in many different ways. There’s much more to the study than the quiz.

I found the quiz particularly interesting, however. I never fit any of the measures of my generation, and this is just one more example of the kind of oddball I am. I am an elder in a world full of young techies and often feel like a time traveler.

Is there some thing about education that can make people open to new experiences and willing to change with technology as it develops? Or is it strictly a matter of personality? Is it nature or nurture? Because if education can be used to train people to be open and willing to consider new ideas, I would like to know how it’s done!

If you take the quiz, I’d love to know your score and how that compares with where you sit on the generation spectrum in terms of actual years.

2 thoughts on “Millennial Quiz gives you a score based on how open you are to change”

  1. I’m 44 and scored a 71. I suspect the fact that I’m in software development raised my score a bit.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Interesting point about your work making a difference. I suspect that a good bit of my score is based on the fact that I’m required to do certain tasks as part of a job.

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