Useful Links: Style Tiles, Posing, Video Slides

In a comment yesterday, Terry Morris mentioned Style Tiles. I was so impressed with this website that I wanted to add it here as a useful link, mostly so I wouldn’t lose track of it and because it is worth sharing. Thanks, Terry.

Stand up straight! Put your shoulders back! Yeah, I hear my mom, too. Whitney Hess reports that How We Pose Shapes How We Feel. She says, “It turns out that the way we sit and stand, the poses and postures we position ourselves in, have an enormous biological and emotional impact on us.” Or as Sheryl Sandberg might say, sit at the table and lean in.

This is a new idea. Video Slides that can create a presentation from a series of videos.

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  1. Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on Body language, that is featured in the post you mention Virginia, is one of my favourite ones. She explains so simply what you can do to change your emotions and it is really powerful. I’ve used it myself with great effect. (I’ve even blogged about it too! 🙂 )

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