5 Giants of Web Hosting: What Makes Them Great Web Hosts

The Internet boasts a wide array of web hosts making web hosting one of the more dynamic industries of the Web.  As in any industry, a few stars always seem to rise to the top.  When clients search for their ideal web hosting service, these web hosting companies typically win business with their extraordinary array of qualities and services.  The following web hosts are generally considered among the best of the best and the following text explains why.


This web host is usually found on best of lists due to their great service, competitive rates and unlimited options.  The company has an intuitive grasp on what clients really want whether it’s full functionality for an affordable price (a winning combination for small businesses) or 24/7 customer support.  Their superb technology solutions are coupled with a personable staff that has resulted in a loyal customer base and their client list keeps growing.


In business since 1998, this web host is one of the most inexpensive web hosts available that still offers great services and features like free site-building tools, a free security package, and unlimited disk space and bandwidth just to name a few.  Moreover, their commitment to green energy is a model for other companies; they are completely wind powered.  As an industry leader, the company has been featured in magazines like ComputerWorld and Inc.  While they have a lot of stellar features clients need, they are often chosen choose simply because they make the whole website experience easy, which is a great perk for people who don’t have time to spend on the ins and outs of website design and hosting.

WebHosting Hub

Anyone who is in search of a do-it-all web hosting service would do well to check into WebHosting Hub.  Like the other industry giants, this company offers affordable rates, but it also combines its website building features with WordPress, so constructing a complete website and blog is a breeze.  Aside from unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 technical support, Webhosting Hub is also favored for its ecommerce suite of tools that includes OS Commerce as well as others.  Businesses also favor them for their website design solutions.


For people who simply want to pay for the precise services they use and not for the overblown packages of features they’ll never need, this up-and-coming site is one of the best affordable web hosts in the business.  They base their prices on what a client uses instead of a flat monthly free that bundles unneeded services.  Their web apps work with well known sites like WordPress, Coppermine, Wikimedia, and so many more!  Their costs are upfront and their services include a full range of features individuals and small businesses look for in a web host.


This popular web hosting company is also affordable and particularly user-friendly.  Whether you know a lot about website building or just a little, this company offers some standout tools like a free site-building demo.  You can get a great sample of what HostGator offers without committing.  Their customer service has garnered great reviews and their full functionality is tailored to big and small websites alike.

All of these web hosts have stellar reputations in the industry and while they appear to offer similar services, each one is special in its own way and may be the perfect fit for your website.  Check out their websites for a fuller description of their services.  Better still, call for an informative conversation with a customer service representative who is trained to answer your questions and walk you through the web hosting process.

Guest Author Frank Ashton blogs regularly on issues relevant to website owners. Keeping on top of the latest trends and passing tips onto others is his personal passion. If you’re thinking of getting a website online, be sure to compare various host offers and reviews before you make a final decision.

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