Right vs. Wrong: Who’s Holding up Half the Sky?

Doing it Right

Stubbornella announced the CSSConf – The Selection Process will judge your proposals according to this plan:

The most important part is that we have eliminated all identifying details when we are evaluating the quality of your proposals. We won’t see your name, your company, or whether you have spoken before or are brand new to speaking.

This gives everyone an equal opportunity. Kudos to the team at CSSConf for doing it right.

Doing it Wrong

Mari Huertas worked on the Obama election tech team was just one of many women on the team, some of whom she names in not a beard. Yet when the media reported on this wonderous technology team who helped elect a President, women were absent from the story and hairy bearded men were emphasized.

Yet some articles skipped mentioning women almost entirely. Rolling Stone named one; Mother Jones listed zero before backpedaling under scrutiny and adding a handful at the bottom of the article.

Raspberries to the media for not recognizing who holds up half the sky.

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