BlogHer Women and Work Study (Infographic)

The survey included over 1000 women in the BlogHer community. The basic findings show that these women love their work, feel that entrepreneureal spirit about work, believe in mentorship, but still see inequity in the workplace.

The infographic is easier to read if you view it full screen.

You can learn more about the study on BlogHer.

2 thoughts on “BlogHer Women and Work Study (Infographic)”

  1. Thanks for posting, Virginia. Did any of the results surprise you. I was a little surprised by how negative our view of the gender equity is. And a little surprised at how *much* we value entrepreneurial or solopreneurial success over corporate success.

    1. Maybe I’m out of touch, but I was shocked by the number of women who are happy about their job or their career. Many women I know are struggling to make ends meet and feel stuck in a job because of the economy. That could be a result of gender inequity – equal pay for equal work is not a reality yet. The women I know who have struck out on their own with that entrepreneureal spirit seem to be the happiest.

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