Useful links: Gifts, Apps, Parallax

Spydergrrl has been posting an unusual gift each day of December. I was struck by these. Digits Turn any Gloves into Texting Gloves. Creative idea.

Apple’s Best of App Store 2012 Rewards Creativity, Google; Skype and Rovio take Top App Spots at Tech Crunch talks about the best apps of the year. I’ve been taking a class on how to make an app, and one of the topics of discussion is whether it’s possible to make any money from selling an app, or from building an app for someone else as a developer. Seeing the top apps in this article when compared with the millions of apps available makes me think that a more reliable source of income might be as a developer for businesses who need an app to bring their business into the modern world. What do you think about making money with apps?

Are you on top of parallax in web design? Yeah. I understand. Here’s an interesting discussion of it at Usabilla blog.


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