Most Inspiring Web Design Meetups Across the Globe

A big part of being a successful web designer is being innovative, allowing you to set yourself apart from the very large pool of designers available on the web. Whether you draw your inspiration from art, the work of your competitors, everyday objects or any other place, you can bet that your best source will be among the best of your colleagues!

Need a hand getting motivated towards your next beautiful creation of web-friendly art? No matter where in the world you call home, you can join your peers at one of these inspiring web design meetups across the globe:

1. Brooklyn Beta

A relatively small and relaxed event, Brooklyn Beta brings together web designers, developers and web-based entrepreneurs for three days of talks, workshops and social activities that will help you to hone your skills and make valuable new connections; with inspiration ranking as the event’s main goal, you’re also guaranteed to leave Brooklyn Beta with a renewed passion for your creative work!

When and Where: Set to take place from October 10-12, 2012, Brooklyn Beta will be held in New York City, in the borough that is its namesake.

2. HOW Interactive Design Conference

Professional education is the top item on the bill at the HOW Interactive Design Conference, an event that promises to help web designers better at what they do by teaching new techniques and immersing all attendees in fields of design that they’ve not previously experienced.

Lead by industry experts, this meetup of top-notch web designers will consist of three full days of workshops and presentations, each with a unique focus and goal, making for one of the most wide-ranging design conferences you’ve ever attended!

When and Where: Take a trip to the always vibrant city of San Francisco, California from October 29-31, 2012 in order to attend this year’s HOW Interactive Design Conference.

3. Le Web Paris

Focusing on the theme of technology that is just around the corner, this year’s Le Web Paris event aims to encompass the idea of Web 3.0 and its evolution from a buzzword to an identifier for the growing social web.

From consumer technology run via web-based applications to the standards of design and development, the topics covered by Le Web Paris are are vast importance to all designers at every level of the web in their quest to stay on the cutting edge of what it means to produce beautiful, functional web design.

When and Where: Use Le Web Paris as your excuse to visit that European center of culture and history from December 4-6, 2012, saving money while you do by locating budget hotels via

4. An Event Apart San Francisco

Well-known as one of the best professional design events on the American circuit, An Event Apart will spread 12 well-planned speakers and sessions over the course of three days, promising to provide a platform for in-depth learning and inspiration that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

When and Where: Hosted in San Francisco and taking place shortly after the HOW Interactive Design Conference detailed above, this year’s An Event Apart could very well be your second web design conference in two weeks!

5. Web Unleashed 2012

Offering a new look and a tweaked itinerary compared to years past, Web Unleashed 2012 will provide one day of hands-on workshops and presentations and one day of informative sessions, including lectures from some of the most exciting names in the web design and development industry.

Focusing on being both deep and affordable, this event is the perfect option for designers who are rarely able to attend industry conferences.

When and Where: The city of Waltham, Massachusetts will play host to this year’s Web Unleashed conference from November 8-9, placing attendees only 20 minutes from downtown Boston and its shopping and entertainment opportunities!

Guest Writer Jessy Troy is the creativity blogger behind TekSocial.

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