Useful links: Gamification, Karen Sandler, Cyber Law, LEAKED

How Gamification Results in 21st Century Learning talks about the work of Henry Jenkins, Director of the Comparative Media Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Geek Time with Karen Sandler is a video interview with  Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation

What is Cyber Liability and Why Should You Care? is a great overview of copyright. It would make a good reading assignment for those just venturing into the world of publishing on the Internet.

I’m going to post something tomorrow about the rumors about the next Apple product release. Concurrent with that, a friend of mine was talking to me about how her sons curate their boring, unemployed existence on Facebook and Twitter to make it appear that they are cool and awesome. Then, thanks to spydergrrl, I learn that there’s this video LEAKED: Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video. Serendipity strikes again.


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