Add a bang to your search with DuckDuckGo and Google

I first heard about DuckDuckGoog in a post from Netted. I quickly became fascinated with the idea of using a bang (!) to limit my search.

DuckDuckGoog is a marriage of DuckDuckGo and Google.

Here’s how it works. At DuckDuckGoog, you can use a search string beginning with a bang to search specific sites. For example, a search string beginning with !yt would search only You Tube and !engadget would search only Engadget. You can search for downloads and add-ons. To search for Chrome add-ons, for example, use !chrome. You can search all sorts of programming languages with strings like !jquery. There are strings for startups, sysadmins, shopping, academics, government, health, law, words, maps, tools and more.

Read the complete list of !bang keywords. At DuckDuckGoog, all the keywords are available to you from a drop down menu next to the search box. Of course, if you know what you want, you can just type it in the search box along with your keyword. Most big sites work with a bang, and many generic keywords such as “images” will work with a bang as well.”

I tried searching for “!imdb total recall” and was taken straight to this:

imdb total recall

Bang on, DuckDuckGoog!

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  1. It’s a pretty interesting concept. And sometimes quite helpful to directly reach the search results on a selected website, without having to go through Google’s generic results page first.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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