Good Guys in Tech: Twitter supporters

I’m attempting to prime the pump with a few Good Guys in Tech posts of my own. I hope this encourages you to let me know about examples of men in tech who treat women as equals that you find.

One way men in tech can support women in tech is to treat what they do with the respect and support that comes from a promotional tweet. Here are a few examples, starting with good guy Jeffrey Zeldman.

Mike Lane lets us know how the W3C is doing on equality for women in this tweet. Perhaps he wasn’t interested in the 2:2 gender ratio of the new editors, but I am.

Pratik Patel – love his enthusiasm for the ladies’ work on a panel.

Here’s one from Howard Rheingold celebrating a woman’s work.

Finally, advice for a woman from Dave McClure about how Yahoo! can Pass Go, collect the big money, and hold up half the sky.

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