Women in Tech: Can You Help Find a Few Good Men, Part II

Earlier this week, I posted Women in Tech: Can You Help Find a Few Good Men? In that post, I suggested that perhaps we should offer praise to the men and events in tech that treat women as equals and with respect instead of pointing the finger of blame at the men and events in tech who treat women as unworthy or only for sexual objectification or exploitation.

I offered to start a new site and manage it once it was running to keep track of the outpouring of praise that I envisioned. After all, I knew it could be done because I could offer names and events where women were given equal opportunity to be tech stars.

Well. Days have passed. And there’s been no outpouring of praise or offers to submit praise. One commenter here, Ashe Dryden, said she’d be willing to pass along stories from her conference travels. One Twitter friend, @cdharrison, said he knew a praiseworthy tech dude and would be willing to write about him. That’s the grand total of people who are willing to praise the men and events in tech. 

Okay, I exaggerated with that last sentence. I’m sure there are more than two people who could find something good to say about something or someone. But I didn’t hear from them. That convinces me that a new site dedicated to pointing out the good guys and the women-friendly events isn’t feasible.

Here’s what I suggest as an alternative. I create a category here on this blog called something like “Good Guys in Tech” (feel free to offer a better category name). If someone sends me a paragraph or two, tweets me an image from an event, or in some way lets me know about the dude or the happening that is worth praise, I’ll post it here and put it in that blog category.

Could I have some feedback on this, please? Will there be participation?

2 thoughts on “Women in Tech: Can You Help Find a Few Good Men, Part II”

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