Useful links: Speaker Tips, Facebook email, your Twitter self

So you’ve been invited to speak is from Lea Verou who has some excellent tips for people who are doing presentations that involve coding. Wish her advice about IDEs was tattooed on the brain of every speaker I’ve every watched.

Facebook just changed your email without your permission. Here’s how to get it back.

Lately, I’m sort of obsessed with the idea of analyzing people based on what they post on Twitter. It seems like there’s a website that’s supposed to do that . . . am I making this up or is there such a website?

2 thoughts on “Useful links: Speaker Tips, Facebook email, your Twitter self”

  1. With the twitter trend catching up so much, analyzing people based on their tweets makes for an interesting field of study.

    I did look up for any website that already does this, but failed to find a credible one. Do share with us, if you happen to hit upon any such plausible site.

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