Where are we heading?

One of my grandchildren is learning to drive. I keep telling her you have to look where you’re going. Think about where you’re headed. The same thing applies to technology and education.

Technology changes rapidly. That’s why it’s so hard to keep up in education, in site building, in technique, in execution, in delivery.

One way to attempt to keep an eye on where we are heading is by studying trends and research results. Today’s post is a summary of a few recent headlines about trends, research, and what’s happening on the ground even as we use and teach yesterday’s technology.

For your consideration:

Those are but a few of the current trends. What do you think is the most significant change coming our way?

5 thoughts on “Where are we heading?”

  1. While I represent something out of the ordinary as cancer, I am on a daily hunt for r&d which is inclusive of technology for online. Some of the most amazing new technologies to watch out for for sure has been the insurance exchanges for reform. Beyond that try this for new technology and where its headed.
    Telepresence will be huge
    telematics and connected items like connected cars. Haptics will be changing our lives as well as holographics like tv and more. V2x technology and everything SMART and good luck to us all on keeping up on it!

  2. With the number of smartphone users rising exponentially, it is increasingly becoming challenging for businesses to survive without going mobile. So Mobile Apps business is one thing that will surely be a big market in coming years.

    Microsoft’s Mobile Acceleration Week (to expedite the development of mobile apps for their Windows Phone 7 platform is an example of steps that big enterprises are already taking in this direction.

  3. One thing I would also look up is the Android Javascript battle between Oracle and Google (Android). This is a really interesting case regarding open-source and could greatly determine the entire web development realm if things go sour. The lawsuit is for something small in Google’s eyes ($4B), but the outcome would set a precedent that could change the web. Thought this tip might be another education web piece to consider. Thanks for the post!

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