Is this how you find your bliss?

Have you looked at Bliss Control? Start from there and adjust settings for all the things shown in the screen grab:

settings to change

After you pick the thing you want to change, you pick the place where you want to make the change. The app will connect you directly to the right spot in each of the sites shown below:


The interesting thing about this service is that they don’t retain any login information – they simply guide you straight to the relevant place on the site in question to do whatever it is you want to do.

The young guys behind this interesting app are @benin, @Altryne, and @TboyTim.

3 thoughts on “Is this how you find your bliss?”

  1. Hi VDEBOLT,
    Looks amazing and easy to use. Must say it is brilliant idea.
    Thanks @benin , @ Altryne and @ TboyTim.
    And special thanks to you for sharing this.

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