My Ada Lovelace Day Pick: Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis

It’s Ada Lovelace Day! This day is for all of us to honor, mention, and share the names of the women in STEM that we admire. Who’s my choice for 2011? Emily Lewis!

Emily is a web designer running her own business at Emily Lewis Design. She has a blog at A Blog Not Limited. She’s written a book about microformats and part of a book about HTML5. She writes guest columns for Script Junkie and other techie places.

Emily does podcasts about Expression Engine and about the tech scene in Albuquerque, where she lives. She performs a great community service to the Albuquerque web tech community by co-managing a group called Webuquerque that hosts educational/social events for webheads. She speaks on panels for tech events such as SXSW, MIX, and others where she shares her knowledge and expertise with competent professionalism.

To summarize Emily, she’s an outstanding creative professional who makes important contributions to her chosen field of web design. Three cheers for Emily!

Past Ada Lovelace honorees:


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