Facebook changes everything, one more time

Two big change announcements from Facebook recently. There are so many blog posts explaining it all, I thought a resource list post was in order.

Subscriptions, timelines, music, movies, email, friend lists, photo albums, public and private posts, chat. Facebook’s genius is in being all things at once and adapting to meet or beat the competition with great speed. The site is edging toward a billion users. Sometimes I think that if everyone made Facebook their home page, they would never need another web site. It’s an uncomfortable feeling.

3 thoughts on “Facebook changes everything, one more time”

  1. The changes are inevitable, I wont mind any changes. They make Facebook interesting and that also shows, Facebook is in no mood to take the threat of Google+ lightly.

  2. I personally love that Facebook is constantly making changes and making it easier for friends to find and communicate with each other. Others complain about the change but if you take the time to learn how to benefit from them I see them beniting everyone.

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