This bugs me about Chrome

I’ve switched from Firefox to Chrome. Firefox kept getting slower and slower, often unresponsive, and I flat gave up on it. Chrome is faster, but a couple of things bug me.

  1. I like to open links in a new tab. I like it that way because I want to see what it was about while leaving the original page open. As soon as I check out whatever it was, I often close the new tab and go back to the original article. Here’s the problem: I want the new tab to become active when I click on the link. I cannot find a way to make that happen in Chrome.
  2. There’s no page title displayed at the top of the browser. I often want to see that title up there at the very top of my screen while I’m doing something lower on the screen, like creating a tweet in Seesmic, and want to type the exact title as part of the tweet. I can’t find a way to make page titles viewable either.
Do you know if either of these things are doable in Chrome?

6 thoughts on “This bugs me about Chrome”

    1. I knew about hovering over the tab, but that means interrupting whatever you’re typing the title into to do. Le sigh. I’ll give the extension a try. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Thanks, Thomas. You’d think I’d be able to find something like that in the help files, but I could not. Maybe I wasn’t searching for the right phrase.

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