Guest Post: How to Synch and Send Files Between Your Phone and Computer

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How many times have you created a document on your laptop but aren’t in a WiFi-accessible area when you really need to send the file—or picture—to someone? If you have a cell phone that is Bluetooth(r)-enabled and you have room on your data plan with your cell phone provider, fear not. You can get that document or picture where it needs to go in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Make sure your laptop is Bluetooth(r)-enabled. This is not the same as having a WiFi-accessible modem. If your computer is not Bluetooth-enabled, you might purchase one from a larger computer or electronics store. Most independent devices are connected via a USB port. Once installed or verified and on, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Turn on your cell phone. (Yes, but it has to be mentioned for the dweebs who don’t think of it.)

Step 3: In your Bluetooth(r) options in your phone’s Tools area, click the Bluetooth menu listing.

Step 4: If your phone has a separate Visibility option, scroll and open it. Make sure your cell phone is “visible.” Make sure your laptop is “visible.”

Step 5: Once both are visible, either search for new devices or…

Step 6. In the same menu area, scroll and open Add New. Find your computer. You might also click Trusted Devices and search from that option. The end result will be the same. Also, you may have to enter a security code; if you didn’t change it from the default, most default codes are identical at 0000.

Step 7: Be patient. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to secure the link between the two and may take more than one attempt.

Once the two are recognized and communicating, called synchronized or just synched, your laptop should recognize your phone as an attached device through the Bluetooth connection. If nothing else, search your computer’s Directory via the My Computer icon to ensure its accessibility.

Step 8: Find the file on your computer. Right-click on it, scroll to “send to” and find your phone on the list of available destinations. During the transfer, you should see a progress bar on most phones. Again, be patient. Most phones display a transfer confirmation message when successfully completed.

Step 9: Simply send the file from your phone to its final destination.

Step 10: Pat yourself on the back for being a genius and strut to your favorite coffee shop in celebration.

If for some reason, you cannot synch your laptop and phone but have Bluetooth(r) successfully installed on the laptop, if you have the room on your data plan to duplicate bandwidth, email the file from your computer to yourself, often as an attachment. Access your email from your phone and forward it to your recipient.

Yes, you could have done it that way to begin with, but almost every cell phone service provider has data plan limitations. If you transmit or send via the Bluetooth transmission to the Internet AND forward to another destination, you are mounting up the bandwidth quickly. After all, it’s not what you watch or play on your phone’s Internet bandwidth, it’s just how much you use doing whatever you’re doing.

Save money where you can. The Bluetooth(r) accessory for your computer is an expense, but it’s a one-time or one-off expense. Your (excessive) bandwidth use on your cell phone plan is a recurring one.

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