Useful links: tech podcasts, rem, Whitney Hess, memes

Open Culture is a great resource for all kinds of educational podcasts and videos. Check out the technology podcasts list. Some terrific programs there that you will enjoy.

Have you heard of rem? It means “root em” and is a new feature in CSS 3 that you can learn about from Jonathan Snook in Font-sizing with rem.

I wrote a Women in Tech post this week for BlogHer about Whitney Hess. Women in Tech: Whitney Hess, UX Designer. It was inspired by the absolutely fantastic live blogging that Jeremy Keith has been doing for the last couple of days about the currently running An Event Apart.

A great thing about Wired Pen is that everything is questioned and checked. Like an oft retweeted quote attributed to Mark Twain hiding among the 4000 tweets per second about Osama bin Laden on May 1. Chasing a Meme: The Twain Quote that Isn’t.

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