The election will be on Facebook

Here in my home state, longtime Senate Democrat Jeff Bingaman has announced he’s stepping down. Several people have already stepped up to announce that they will be running for the vacant Senate seat. Among them is Martin Heinrich, a Democrat currently serving in the House.

How did Heinrich announce? On his Facebook page.

The President is using Facebook too. Here’s what you see there, inviting you ‘in’ at the campaign website.

President Obama's invitiation to say you're in as posted on Facebook

TechCrunch published Obama’s Re-election Campaign Puts Facebook Front And Center … Literally explaining,

When you connect to your Facebook account on the campaign website, an interactive banner will appear on the top of the website that shows you which of your friends aren’t “in” yet, profile pictures included. You’re invited to put post a message to your friends’ walls to prompt them to join the ‘Are You In?’ application.

The Republicans are no slouches where social media is concerned, so expect to see similar things coming your way from them as well.

The thought of another season of gawd-awful attack ads doesn’t present a pleasant prospect. And they will be EVERYWHERE. Much as I love the Internet and think social media is a good thing, soon the only way to find peace of mind will be to read a good book.

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