9 reasons why you should go to SXSWi

SXSW Interactive. What’s the big deal? Why should you go?

Here’s the story in pictures. They should explain everything.

1. You can hear great presentations.


2. You can meet people from around the world.

between sessions

3. You can hear experts explain how they do what they do.


4. You can chat with everyone and find contacts.

in the hall

5. The keynote speakers are awesome.

Valerie Casey

6. Geeks and tech toys are everywhere.

charge me

7. People like to do what you like to do – be nerdy.

Connecting Education and Industry

8. Some of the panels are really great.

SXSWi Open Source panel

9. AND, there are parties!

Amanda Coolong - Cogaoke Party - SXSWi 2010
Party Photo credit: (CC) Randy Stewart, blog.stewtopia.com.

5 thoughts on “9 reasons why you should go to SXSWi”

  1. Hey I resemble that remark! You brought back good memories of a geeky panel!

    I’ll see you there Virginia, after skipping last year, I had to go back 🙂

  2. Hey – should I bring my computer to SXSWi? If so, should I have a comfortable way of carrying it or just have it stand by at the hotel? Would a droid x and a notebook (conversely) be enough?
    Thanks for your answers. Definitely looking forward to my first SXSWi

    1. The number of people carrying computers has gone down with the advent of smart phones. It depends on what you want to do. I always take my good camera. I used to take my computer and live blog every event I attended. It’s a lot easier to take notes if you have a computer. But last year I tried it with just my good camera and iPhone. I would use the computer when I got settled for the evening and wanted to record the day and upload photos.

      I use Twitter and the tools that SXSW suggests for connecting/following with everyone on my phone. It worked for me. Many others seem to have had the same thought, because the number of laps filled with computers was much fewer than it used to be. The days are long and tiring and being able to reduce what you carry around is a bonus. Take a lot of cards . . .

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