Useful Links: Wired on Twitter, H.264, Personal hotspots

Twitter’s Response to WikiLeaks Subpoena Should be Industry Standard at Wired expresses some of the thoughts I’ve been having about WikiLeaks. The thing that bothers me the most is not how tech companies are responding to government pressure about the site, but the fact that the pressure is being applied in the first place.

Google is dropping support for the H.264 video codec. There’s plenty of talk about this, including at TechCrunch, rem, Muktware on Opera’s position, and by MSDN’s Tim Sneath.

Verizon had a moment of glory yesterday when they announced personal hotspots for teathering up to  5 devices on the Verizon iPhone, but today CrunchGear says all iPhones will be getting this feature in March.

Here’s my story about iPhone comes to Verizon on BlogHer. Go on over and take the poll.

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