What will you pay for?

Do you expect everything on the Internet to be free or will you pay for some things?

I pay for apps, music, and games. I don’t like to pay for content and will generally leave when there’s a charge for content. Let me amend that. I’ll pay for some content, say an eBook download on some topic I really want to learn about. Generally, however, I don’t want to pay to read the news or something from a traditional news organization. I know those businesses are struggling, and I know that we need paid journalists out doing real reporting – but there should to be a different way to pay for that.

What will you pay for? Where do you draw the line?

4 thoughts on “What will you pay for?”

  1. Hi V,

    A very happy Christmas, and all the best for 2011.

    In answer to your question ‘What Would I Pay For’?

    Well V, I don’t ever dl music except from YouTube. Yes I guess I would pay a small amount for my 60s music Vidoeos.

    I definately do not dl films..ever.

    I pay Wikipedia a small monthly fee (when I remember) lol

    I use some images of my own but do rely on Wiki because I am no globe trotter.

    I have asked and bought images that are startlingly beautiful that became ‘must haves’…such as…

    A Hawksbill Turtle
    An awesome Kingfisher
    I was given through asking the stone of the tip of Borneo image.

    Thanks V!

  2. I don’t pay for anything on the Computer. If it’s not free I don’t use it.

    lol, Wiki is free but my Conscience will not allow me to just take and leave, go back take and leave etc. Especially when he, or his image is the first thing you see asking for donations when you enter his site.

    It really is worth that fiver now and again.

    What about antivirus? I have Eset. Surely you would’nt chance I.E to look after your machine…HAHAHAH

  3. There’s not a lot of content that I pay for–since there’s not a lot of content I can’t live without.

    If all my podcasts disappeared in one day, I’d be willing to pay some money for them, but mostly likely I’d just find some other podcasts.

    When it comes to productivity and tools I need to do stuff (email, bookmarking, web development, etc) I would be willing to pay, but most of the time am not asked to.
    If I use someone’s free tool regularly (and I’m happy with it’s use)– I’m more likely to donate, but if I use a tool once and never again, a donation is unusual.

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