Useful Links: Mobile Best Practices, Generations, Delicious insanity

Mobile Web Application Best Practices was released by the W3C as a recommendation this week. Early in the document, there is a list of best practices, which number 32. One I’m really hoping to see put into practice is Enable Automatic Sign-in. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to use some app on my phone and found I wasn’t able to while away from home because I needed to sign in and didn’t have the information with me, rendering an app I’d used before useless.

The Pew study for 2010 on Generations Online is out. Interesting summary of findings on the linked paged, and a nice chart that is easy to interpret.

First they say they will, and then they won’t. Dump Delicious, that is. Yahoo! is sunsetting some of its sites, most notably Delicious. Get the story plus options and alternatives to Delicious in my article at BlogHer. The following is dedicated to Yahoo! with love.

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