Better School Websites Looking for Help

Michael Tuck started a Google Group called Better School Websites. The group is just organizing and is looking for members and help. The goal is to create a template in WordPress (probably) that is easy for K-12 schools to use. The new theme will be attractive, easy, accessible, and standards-compliant. The group was sparked by Michael’s article on Six Revisions, aiming to create a group of designers and developers willing to help public schools improve their sites.

Since many public school web sites are less than attractive, easy, accessible, and standards-compliant now, this project could be helpful to many educators and school administrators.

If you can help, get on over to the Google group and let them know you’re available.

3 thoughts on “Better School Websites Looking for Help”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Since the post went live, we’ve already had five people sign up and some good ideas thrown into the mix. Anyone else? This is a big job and I’d love to see it done properly.

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