Useful Links: Difficult Fonts, Hardboiled, Firesheep

Making things hard to read ‘can boost learning’ at BBC News says that reading something in a “harder” font can boost retention of the information. The easy font they tested was Arial at pure black. The hard fonts tested were Comic Sans and Bodoni, both at 75% grayscale. Does that mean that if I can decipher something in your scratchy handwriting, I’ll remember it forever?

Hardboiled Web Design is a new book by Andy Clarke. I haven’t seen the book yet, but I have to say that the book website is creative and beautifully designed. Bodes well for the book, don’t you think?

Firesheep. A new Firefox extension that is about to set off a firestorm. Read Firesheep In Wolves’ Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily and How to Protect Your Login Information from Firesheep immediately. Both are at TechCrunch.

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