A guest post elsewhere . . .

I wrote a guest post for My Online Business Journey titled Tips for Disclosing Affiliate Links. Here’s the intro:

The FTC recently added bloggers to its guidelines about endorsements and testimonials in advertising. For bloggers this means any product review or endorsement that contains affiliate links must be treated with full disclosure.

Full disclosure is nothing more than transparency about the fact that a click on a link could potentially earn the blogger some money. It’s a simple process to provide the needed transparency, either in plain text or with a bit of information placed in the HTML for the link.

I’m experimenting with guest posts using MyBlogGuest. One post has appeared here that came from MyBlogGuest. This is my first guest post on someone else’s blog that was arranged through MyBlogGuest.

What I’m looking for with guest posting is a win-win exchange: posts here are good for readers of this blog and help the writer gain some traffic – and my posts elsewhere are good for the other blog and bring me some new readers.

Check it out: Tips for Disclosing Affiliate Links.

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