Make movies with xtranormal

I saw a movie made using and couldn’t resist trying it out myself. Registration was easy. The free options are few. If you wanted to turn out something really powerful, you’d have to pay to do it.

I did make a free movie just for fun. It was easy to do. Here’s my first movie.

There may not be one in a paid movie, but there is a second <object> included in the embed code of a free movie. It looks really ungainly to me, don’t know why they sized it like that, but I’m leaving it as is. It contains a script to collect stats. It would be a simple modification to remove that second <object>, but I decided to leave it there so you could see what you get out of the box with a free movie.

The machine generated voice couldn’t read Dreamweaver correctly, but it did fine with two words: dream weaver. The voice seemed to make sense of the content and phrasing. For example, the phrase “the catch is” was treated with intelligence. I found that impressive.

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