Another conversation with Ann Smarty, SEO expert

In the first BlogHer interview with SEO expert Ann Smarty, we talked about how you can improve your search engine rankings and build your traffic as a blogger.

Rhiannon Wilson left a comment on that post, saying,

I think these are great tips for bloggers. But like she said, blogging is more network focused, but as for us eStore Owners, Search Engines are our lifeblood. We get 80% of our traffic directly from search engine searches. I would love to hear her tips for eCommerce websites.

I contacted Ann Smarty about the idea. She said she would be willing to do another interview with me, this time more focused on business. I sent her some of my own questions and a few I got from a quick email exchange with Rhiannon.

Read Ann Smarty’s expert advice on optimizing an eCommerce site for search engines at BlogHer.

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