Useful Links: DW CS5 HTML5 Pack, Togetherville, synthetic cells, something’s happening here

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack is a free extension. Sorry, it only runs on CS5—can’t retrofit older versions of Dreamweaver.

Togetherville: Walled Garden Social Networking for the Younger Set. There have been social networks for young children before, but this one is making news right now. I’m wondering what educators will do with this new site.

Scientists Create First ‘Synthetic Cells’ is a bit off-the-web-design-topic, but it’s fascinating news from the scientific world that may have far reaching implications.

Something’s happening here. People used to be either a Windows person or a Mac person. Now Android is outselling iPhone, Google has a new store in direct competition with iTunes, the number of Android apps is growing fast. When we weren’t looking the world changed to a place in which you are either a Google person or a Mac person.

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