Big Hits at BlogHer

A spring in New Mexico photo to accompany a last bit of self-promotion.

Signs of Spring in New Mexico

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4 thoughts on “Big Hits at BlogHer”

  1. Here you go V

    Our broom is also yellow..

    Its a beautiful plant and I am almost sure we get red but mine was yellow.

    I can can grow anything except Peonies…arrrrrge!

    You should start a gardening ‘BlogHer’.

    If you want a plant that you buy in autumn/winter then choose the little troopers Viola. They go off in winter (snow and frost) but then jump back into life in spring.
    They are such little workers. A seedling was carried by the wind, that spring it flowered in my lawn edge.

  2. Hmmm, I don’t they have anyone writing about gardening at BlogHer. You could go plant that seed in BlogHer Chatter. Someone would notice.

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