Playing with the BlackBird bookmarklet

Twitter finally came up with a way to embed a tweet into a web page without having to use a screen grab to get it. They call it Blackbird Pie. Almost within minutes, a handy bookmarklet doing the same task was released.

Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, find a tweet and click the bookmarklet. Copy the HTML provided in the pop up.

blackbird bookmarklet code

Then you simply paste that HTML into your page and you have a tweet that functions just like a tweet on Twitter. All the clickable bits work. The timestamp is correct.

Here’s what I copied as an example.

You can donate a book with a comment about your favorite reading. How easy is that? May 04 13:14:51 via Seesmic

Today at First 50 Words, I posted a piece called 10 Reasons Why that contained images of 10 tweets. I prepared the post a couple of days ago. At that time, images were the way to go. This new feature from Twitter—and the new bookmarklet that makes it even easier to use—are great advances in Twitter use.

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