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Sandia Mountains

Since I stopped posting the monthly summaries of what I have published at eHow, I’ve stopped showing you my occasional photo. Here’s a photo, apropos of nothing, that shows the mystical Sandia Mountains on a cloudy February morning.

How to Hide Farmville (and such) on Facebook. OMG, this is the best thing I’ve learned in ages!

sxsw interactiveOnly a couple of weeks until South by Southwest Interactive. I’ll be there. I don’t think I’ll live blog as much as I have in the past, but I’ll be taking lots of photos. I didn’t take near enough pictures last year. I intend to make up for it this year. If you see me there, say hello. I’m looking forward to seeing friends, the keynotes, a New Riders author gathering, and I have a whole list of panels I want to see. How many times have I been to this event? Ten, Twelve, Fourteen? I’ve lost count. All those wild nights at SXSWi must be the reason my hair turned gray.

Here’s something new for educators (and parents) to think about: ChatRoulette. apophenia has a description of what it is and her early response to it.

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