An experiment with e-books

It’s an experiment to see if people will pay a couple of dollars to get a printable compilation of the material they could get on a blog free. I’m trying out the idea with two new e-books from First 50 Words. That blog consists of a daily writing prompt and a response to the prompt from me and from any of the blog’s readers who choose to participate. Both e-books are available at OneĀ  e-book is a list of the prompts, the other is the prompts with my first 50 (or so) words on the topic.

With over 950 writing prompts on my First 50 Words blog, having a list of them seems to me like a real benefit for people in search of writing prompts. We’ll see if the people agree with me.

I created the e-books using BlogBooker. BlogBooker is free and created a 338 page PDF file with 971 posts from WordPress in just a few minutes. The results aren’t beautiful, but the content is there. If BlogBooker had an option to save the blog posts in Word so that a few styles could be applied to the headings and such before the Word doc was converted to a PDF, the results could be more aesthetically pleasing.

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