How to Nuture Web Pages for Growth

Give every page the minimum nutrients for proper growth.

  • Every page needs a descriptive title. The title should give the name of the site and the page contents something like this: How to Nuture Your Web Pages: Web Teacher.
  • Every page needs headings and information that explain what the page is about.
  • The page content must be focused and clear and contain keywords that help machines like search engines identify the topic of the content.

Titles, headings, and page content are used by the search engines to index your pages. If you want to be found by someone who might search on your topic use all three. I don’t know if this approach will work if you are waiting for Prince Charming (or Princess Charming) to find you, but it works for web surfers.

2 thoughts on “How to Nuture Web Pages for Growth”

  1. Yep,3 essential ingredients for every page.

    However, that’s a start only. Whether Google is the only one to find this (and other) pages depends on LINKS.

    Perhaps this is why you made the Prince Charming reference. 🙂

    Is anyone searching for the keyword(s) for which you wrote the article, blog post or created the video?

    How much search competition is there for the keyword(s) for which you optimized the article, blog post and/or video?

    Starting with these 3 recommendations helps…helps considerably since many webmasters don’t do it…at all (and they should know better).

    Google’s game is all about links. You want your “stuff” to be seen? Get backlinks.


    1. Interesting that you found this very old post, Mike. The Prince Charming thing wasn’t a plant. A person who wanted to know something about that wouldn’t find anything helpful on my blog, it was strictly a metaphor. I’m not trying to lead traffic here by misdirection or deceit. I have another blog with a reference to a certain brand of motorcycle that brings in lots of traffic that is not suited to the blog’s purpose. I’ve actually considered deleting that post so people don’t come to the blog thinking they’ll find one thing only to find something completely different.

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