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How Twitter is Revolutioninzing Business at Entrepreneur details the rise to success of Laura Fitton (@Pistachio) as the twitter-for-business consultant to go to. If you read this success story on Web Teacher,  you may be reminded of the conclusion I offered there:  Keep up with what’s changing and learn how to use those changes to achieve your own goals.

Using Twitter for business is indeed important these days. I went to the Air America site to vote for @PunditMom to win a spot on a cruise with Air America’s celebrities, including Rachel Maddow (@Maddow). The Air America site uses Silverlight. Alerts about Silverlight popped up immediately when I reached the voting page. I’m a Mac person, and I consider Silverlight irritating. So after I voted, I tweeted this complaint.  Air America responded on Twitter almost immediately. Ah, I thought, these people are Twitter smart. So I responded with this additional complaint. Then to give them credit for being savvy about Twitter, I also gave them a high five.  @AirAmericaMedia, of course, immediately retweeted my good words.

I don’t know if Air America has been reading and learning from Laura Fitton, but this story is exactly the kind of thing she teaches business to do to make the most of social media in a changing world. It’s a good example of  how business can use Twitter to communicate with its community of users.

Greetings to the folks from Air America Media who are now following me on Twitter. 🙂

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