Useful Links: CSS Selectors, Twitter clients, Amazon’s PayPhrase, Learning

CSS Nuggets in Scrunchup features several interesting CSS selectors such as :first-of-type, :last-of-type, :nth-of-type.

Seesmic Desktop: First Major Twitter Client with Lists from Louis Gray explains how to use all those Twitter lists you spent the weekend making in a desktop client. So far just one uses lists, but step back, because the onslaught of upgrades is coming.

Amazon’s New PayPhrase: Will you or won’t you? is my own article at BlogHer. I mention it here because I think the implications of the technology are interesting across the Internet-connected world. What’s your opinion of the new technology?

You Can Get There from Here: Websites for Learners is must reading for educators and people like me who provide content for learning. Therefore, I must go read it.

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