Geek Memorabilia

Want to bid on a computer once owned by Gene Roddenberry and presumably used to write Star Trek episodes? According to Where No Mac Had Gone Before you can do that. It’s serial number 0001, possibly a Mac Plus but maybe not exactly a Mac Plus. Looks like a Mac I once had, except there’s an external floppy drive and the keyboard just ain’t right.

Apple gave Roddenberry the computer, which is supposed to be the very first Mac Plus to roll off the line.

A letter of authenticity from Gene Roddenberry comes with the computer, which is being auctioned by Profiles in History, an outfit that auctions off Hollywood memorabilia. The starting price is oddly low–a devoted Trekkie would pay that much for Shatner’s shirt–so it will be interesting to see how the bidding goes. There are a few more details on Slashdot.

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