Not professional quality on my part, but OMG, I love Screenr. This is my second attempt at a screencast, ad lib as you can tell. My first attempt I was too far from the mic.

So easy. I love Screenr. I want to marry it.

Here’s the third screencast I made.

Now that I’m finished gushing, let me tell you what Screenr is. It’s an app to create screencasts for Twitter. It’s free. In addition to instantly tweeting your screencast, you can also embed it as I did here, or upload it to YouTube.

For what I do, which is lots of explaining, this is so perfect. I’ll bet it’s perfect for what you do too. When I compare it with trying to do screencasts with a tool like SnapZ Pro (which is a good tool) this is just so much simpler. So. Much. Simpler.

You can record up to five minutes of screen grab with audio, capture whatever part of your screen you want, pause if you need to. You cannot edit. Therefore, this is not the way to made professional quality work. But it can make many simple sharing chores that don’t have to be top quality much easier.

It uses your Twitter info to set up an account for you at Screenr, where you have and RSS feed for your screencasts and can revisit any of your screencasts if you need them again.

Holy web apps, Batman, this thing rawks!

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